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    Application Deadline: November 2, 2015 (Midnight Central Time).
    Committee Review: Applications will be reviewed and graded in a blinded fashion by members of the OTA Research Committee for anticipated scientific merit, anticipated long-term impact on Orthopaedic trauma care and general topic interest.
    Award Announcements: Researchers will be informed of the intent to fund or not fund their research project by April 30, 2016.
    Grant Cycle: June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017
    Eligibility: The principal investigator must be an orthopaedic resident (the co-principal investigator does NOT have to be a resident). Either the principal investigator, or co-principal investigator, must be an OTA member. The research must be conducted in North America.
    Note: OTA Resident Grants will not be awarded to subsidize larger on-going research projects.
    Budget: The budget cannot exceed $20,000.

    * - required field

    Title of Project
     Title of Project: *

    Principal Investigator (Resident)

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      Are you a Resident Member of the OTA? (Principal or Co-Principal Investigator must be a member.) *
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    Is this application a: *
    new pre-proposal
    revision of previously submitted pre-proposal*
    * A blinded cover letter detailing changes from the original application is required for all re-submissions. The OTA Research Committee will review both the original application and re-submitted application.


    The Research Institution is located in North America. *
    Yes No
    (This is required. Funding will not be granted for research conducted outside North America.)
    Co-Principal Investigator
     Full Name: Last Name  Degree 
    First Name  Middle  
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    Are you an OTA Member? (Principal or Co-Principal Investigator must be a member.)
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    Grant Application File
    • PLEASE SUBMIT A BLIND FILE (DO NOT REFERENCE NAMES OR INSTITUTIONS). Files not blinded will not be considered.
    • The application is limited to a maximum of 1,800 words.
    • Grant applications exceeding the word limit will not be considered for funding.
    • Please include References (1 page) and a completed Grant Budget Sheet. These are NOT included in the 1,800 word limit. No Grants with a budget exceeding $20,000 will be reviewed for funding consideration.

    I. Specific Aims (250 words maximum):
    In this section please define the clinical or basic science problem that exists that deserves investigation. Provide a null hypothesis and specific aims. It should be brief and concise.

    II. Background & Significance (350 words maximum; if preliminary data is available, include here):
    Briefly present the impact you think your research might have on orthopaedic trauma clinical practice or for future research effects.

    III. Research Design and Method (1,000 words maximum):
    Give a brief review of your study design and research method (as one would in an abstract for a meeting presentation).

    IV. Role of the Resident (200 words maximum):
    Thoroughly describe the role the resident will play in the research project, including development of the proposal, data collection and analysis and formulation of the manuscript.
    V. References (1 page maximum)

    I certify that I have read the application submission guidelines and will adhere to the following: *

    1.  1800 word maximum (this will include I, II, III and IV)
    Applications exceeding the word limit will not be reviewed or considered.
    Yes, I agree to these terms.
    Supporting Documents:
    When you submit the application, you will be provided via email with a link to submit a Detailed Budget and OTA Member Letter of Support. (Note: This can be submitted with the application or any time before November 2, 2015 (Midnight Central Time))
    VI. Detailed Budget:
    Please download and complete the budget form.
    VII. OTA Member Letter of Support (1 page maximum)
    Brief letter from the OTA co-investigator (less than one page) that acknowledges the resident involvement and clearly demonstrates that this is not an "add on" application to increase funding for current research that has already begun.
     Grant Application File: *

    Upon submission of your application, you will be directed to a link to download
    budget and support letters files.


    Please call the OTA Business Office at (847) 698-1631 with questions regarding this form.